Saturday, 28 August 2010

Return to Ely and things that go bump in the night

We returned to Ely as G needed to go to his mum's for a couple of nights. We only managed to find a mooring due to the kindness and courtesy of three cruisers- one of which moved and two breasted up to make room for us a lovely bunch of guys who couldn't have been more helpful.
However, the nice cosy glow was quickly eradicated when, after G had left, I discovered Scotch Mist moored further up. I didn't think he would recognise me away from MR, but if he were to walk along into the park with his dog, then 66ft of MR is impossible to miss.
Having gone to bed and to sleep, I was somewhat alarmed to be woken by a bash on the side of the boat, but it turned out to be a fisherman holding an enormous fish. Evidently G had been talking to him and said if he caught a Zander could we have it. Scrabbling around in my dressing gown we dumped it in our mop bucket (it was already dead) where it could wait until the morning for me to deal with. Zander are one of few fish to come out of the rivers which are good to eat (to British tastes anyway).
The following morning I was out on the side with my biggest chopping board doing my best to fillet it. Needless to say it attracted a fair bit of attention and I overcame the desire to say that I caught it! As luck would have it, 5 people with serious cameras showed up from Ipswich doing a photo shoot  on Ely and one of them was also a chef. My fillet wasn't as professional as his, but it was passable and duly deposited in our freezer. Because they promised to e mail me their professional photos I didn't take any of my own and sadly I haven't received any. Eaten and thoroughly enjoyed by us and grandson several days later - it tasted a lot like Sea Bass and G now has encouragement to catch as many as he likes.

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