Monday 14 June 2010

A night at the 5 Bells, Upwell

It's a relief to come across houses after all the open fenland
After being helped through Marmont Priory Lock by Maureen and her husband (with a gentle ticking off for not, "ringing the bell for assistance"), we moored our two boats up one either side - we'd been trying to moor for the previous hour or two but couldn't find anywhere. So, with Maureen's permission, Caxton over nighted on the lock landing by the road and we slung a gang plank precariously onto the opposite bank so that Daisy could go out.  Lesley and I managed one of our 'just nipping out for a quick walk' tricks - returning 3 hours later as we didn't take a map.
 Although only a tiny road, the constant noise from cars and tractors stopped any hopes of serious sleep so we were quick to pull pins in the morning and were lucky enough to time it just right to get the 2 moorings below the church and the The 5 Bells Inn.
 We managed (it's such a hardship) to support the local hostelry where several pints of excellent Woodforde's Wherry were enjoyed - along with some good banter with the landlady and staff. Although we didn't eat there this time, the menu looked good and the prices were very reasonable
Upton has butchers and shops although we were still well stocked. The downside was that there was absolutely nowhere to empty or walk dogs and the rotten road was still running alongside so not a lot of sleep again.

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