Monday 14 June 2010

An appointment with tidal waters

Because Salter's Lode Lock is only 62 ft long  and our boats are 66ft and 68ft respectively, we were asked to turn up at 12 o'clock for the level tide.  I didn't really understand how this was going to work or what the difference between level and unlevel tides was (despite having lived by the sea for 10 years) and I wasn't going to ask as I'm surrounded by smug gits who know everything. This was the scene when we turned up - boats in all directions (well, all directions for this neck of the woods anyway).
One by one they were all called through until there was only Caxton and ourselves remaining.
The tide was ebbing alarmingly fast by now  (ebbs I do know about - especially the spring ones) and still we waited; then look what happened....
.......see. When the tide is level with your side,  both ends of the lock are opened and you can get big boats through little locks. Easy when you know. Here we go then..
..'cept that's the mud bank opposite, the tide is running out fast and we need to hang a right. We're through and out pops Caxton
all she has to do now is get her nose round before she runs aground on the mud flats - right now, they might be regretting that extension
The safe haven of Denver Sluice is now insight
In we go and remember to breathe again
Out the other side onto the Great Ouse..lovely wide open spaces. Especially after the dykes of the middle levels.

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