Monday, 7 December 2009

Huddersfield Narrow to Whaley Bridge

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal is stunningly beautiful in its upper reaches, but we had to get back to the Peak Forest and Whaley Bridge, why? well, we had an appointment with Kuranda Uk Ltd who we had commissioned to fit a new boiler. More of that later.Leaving lock 18, probably the shallowest pound on the Huddersfield
Look closely and you can see 'MR' is on quite a tilt, offender is a Tesco shopping trolley, that wasn't the problem, lock 4W below was-
3 Tesco trolleys held Caxter clear of the water at the bottom of the Lock, well no actually
are there any more? well, of course another 3, six in total, well done Tescos for keeping such good control of your trolleys.

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