Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Back at Bosley & a lovely surprise

Pulled pins at 9.30 in the rain and headed down to the services at the top of the Bosley flight. Joe & Graham in the boats and Lesley, the dogs and I by car as we're still trying to keep a car with us for our respective christmas visits. The rain stopped and the sun made a token gesture whilst Lesley & I lurked in the warmth of BW's shower and laundry room (yes-it's still being heated). Not only did our boats turn up, but so did our friends Linda & David (from NB Critical Point) who live locally and came for a bit of excercise to help us down the flight. Two boats, 12 locks, 1 hour 30 mins, impressive!! Lesley managed to knock up a lovely batch of soup & Graham had made a loaf so the 6 of us were able to settle down on MR for a companiable lunch.

Daisy entered the Guiness book of records for "most mice caught within 1 hour of mooring" - 9! it would have been more but I called her in before she made herself sick.

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