Monday 10 November 2008

Stalking Caxton (larder envy)

Caxton arrived at Brinklow today & I controlled myself for a few hours before bashing on the roof - oooooooh I want that larder. Greygal commented about Lesley having spare storage & some empty cupboards & that didn't really sink in on paper (or screen), but when you actually SEE empty cupboards in the flesh (as it were) it's pretty amazing. We didn't have anywhere near enough time but I think we are all determined to catch up more thoroughly when I get back from Norfolk & we seem to be heading in the same direction to dodge stoppages between now & the dreaded "C" (oh how I hate it - Xmas I mean). Arrived back at our boat & looked at the pile of my painting stuff (which still has no home) & is now attracting more junk on a daily basis-boxes of beer & bottles of wine (no home - 'cept my tummy) "mantlepiece" covered in manky gloves & dog combs (do have homes, but can't be bothered 'cause used daily)and felt a bit depressed, but only for a weeny while 'cause Graham had made bread & cooked roast duck with all the trimmings. I find this lifestyle is not really synonomous with any prolonged depression and this is November; not a very good month for me normally, I would prefer to hibernate from clock change to middle of Jan - so far so very much better!
At this point I was going to pull up pictures of everybody crashed out round the fire, but my connection is crap again & I can't be bothered to wrestle with it. I think Graham has custody of the 'puter while I'm in Norfolk so you'll be high tech or silent for the next few days.

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  1. Hi Jill and Graham, looks like you are all having the time of your lives. I keep catching up with your chats and reading any mails that graham sends... the one i recieved tonight was particularly funny, Thanks

    OOOh.. and believe this Jill - I have given up smoking
    Chat again soon,