Sunday 9 November 2008

Bad Influences

The recent lack of discipline experienced amongst the canine crew of Matilda Rose appears to be spreading to the humans as well since returning from Norfolk. Having consumed far more wine than is good for us on Friday (with the guys from NB Spirit), we decided to delay our departure for a further day so we could indulge in more decadence with Debbie & Mark from NB Marquis last night (ooooh! aren't we becoming the cut's little social party animals). Debbie nobly drove us to The Raven in Brinklow (we've never been into the village before-normally in the Marina for a reason & then gone again) where a few pints of the real stuff & vast quantities of yacking were much enjoyed - by the time we left we weren't even vaguely yacked out so returned to MR for further yo ho ho & a bottle of (their!) rum where Muttley behaved like a complete tart with Mark. I think we finally got to bed about 4.00am!!!!!!!!!!! (not a lot in common). We woke up rather poorly bunnies this am - I can still party but my recovery time is not what it used to be. Funny how both Spirit & Marquis were last met at Cropredy, but in different months. Anyway, delaying our departure for social reasons has turned out to be all for the better because I now have to go back to mum's again Tuesday to cover unexpected hospital stuff. This also means that Lesley & Joe on NB Caxton will definitely be here by the time we leave probably next weekend now - Greygal has already checked Caxton out so the precedent has been set (did you think you only had one stalker Lesley?).

Hearing me moan to both James & Debbie that my MEGA regret in boat choice was that I have no area where I can get away from Graham's noise (his noise, not himself-MOSTLY TV noise) he FINALLY went and bought some wireless headphones for the TV today! He's using them & watching the footy whilst I'm typing this posting & it has more impact than you would think. Firstly I am sat in my armchair by the fire and am, for once, way too hot (I normally sit up the corner to read which is the furthest point I can get from the telly but still sit down & it's not that warm under the side hatch). Secondly, knowing he's on the boat but that there is no noise, I have to keep checking that he's still breathing & not died - so now, every 10 minutes he keeps saying, "I'm still here" I don't know which is most annoying grrrrr!

We've always loved our food but neither of us had come across one of these before it's clearly related to the boring old cauli & exactly the same price; it's called a Romanesque (I think that's how it's spelt) & is way to beautiful to eat so we bought it, photagraphed it & then ate it anyway (jolly nice it was too - sort of nutty and like a mild Brussels Sprout).

Daisy has just given up on the weather & is constantly burrowing into warm dark places & generally hibernating - she's only bought us 3 mice in 2 days.


  1. Oh no, not the headphones! That gives them carte blanche to permanently ignore you - 'Sorry, love, didn't hear you' is a common refrain from himself as he sits at the dinette with his baked bean tins on his lugholes.

    And as for naughty pooches, don't go there...

  2. I guess the difference is that he tends to ignore me anyway, whereas the dogs don't, normally,pee in people's homes - not since they were about 12 weeks old anyway.Empty cupboards on Caxton eh? Now THAT is impressive