Monday, 29 September 2008


Stayed put yesterday, but not really a day of rest as we had dogs to groom & Muttley squeals like a stuck pig (it's something he often does for no particular reason & has frightened many a full grown vet with his random squealing - ie 5 mins AFTER an injection) which stresses the hell out of me. Autumn really showing it's colours now; admiring the gorgeous colours of the Virginia Creeper & kicking down the dried leaves on the tow paths.
Talking of "gorgeous," it's a word, amongst other superlatives,that I seem to have over used on the Stratford Canal - I won't apologise because I have been totally charmed from the first moment: so much so that we are going to divert beyond our junction & continue on up the Lapworth. We have to do some planning soon as have friends coming for 3 nights , a week Thurs , & be back at Brinklow around 25th Oct for Boat Safety Cert .

Two photo's above of NB Debdale who we met a couple of times on the Stratford, from the smell emminating from their boat they bake beautiful bread!


  1. Thanks, they're great. I've re-posted them on the Debdale blog.

  2. Nice to find another boaters blog thanks to Adam, and what a fabulous picture of the cat.
    Best wishes
    John & Fiona