Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Godstow to Pinkhill

Godstow had served it's 'access' purpose - vet for us and family for Sue. Not our kind of place really as there are far too many people around so couldn't wait to be gone. However it was raining quite heavily and, consequently, we didn't get away 'til lunchtime.

We passed boat building

 and boat sinking
Sue struggling to see where she's going through the smoke
 Moored above Pinkhill around 4.0 pm
 With the two Labradors gone, Meg fell back into her old habits of popping round to MR to see what was cooking
 Just enough time to walk the Collies and Muttley before returning to cook dinner. I took Baxter for a little 'quiet' walk around the reservoir after dinner
 So joyous to be back in quiet countryside with big open views and skies (and not sliding around on wet and wobbly gang planks). I could stay here happily for a week or more - shame we're running out of summer. As soon as any significant rain comes we'll have to skedaddle off of the Thames sharpish
 By the time we'd moored the sun came out and we had a lovely warm and sunny evening. Somehow we managed to miss the call from the vet and weren't able to get him back until yesterday morning.
The situation with Baxters blood results still isn't really clear - we thought that we would get definite good or definite bad news. It's certainly not good news but it will be another 2/3 weeks before they re-test and we know if it's bad. I'm just trying to ignore the 'bridge' until we at least reach it. Meanwhile he's a happy dog - I'm just trying to stop him playing with the others and walking him seperatley in case he gets bumped.
I managed to get the previous blog onto side bars after taking it down on 'edit' and then publishing it on 'update'. Until I did that it didn't show - I've just done the same with this one so I'll see if that works again


  1. Ohhh, that's nice :)

    Bright, legible, clear and a very nice header photo of the boys :)

    BTW it works on all my PC/Laptops without the need to use the compatability button too :)

    1. Oh good - thought we'd move into autumn colours/tranquility. Sorry but the fig and almond dooberry went mouldy - wicked waste; G devastated.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for Baxter - it's hard to separate the oldies from the youngsters - we've got 6 of Sarah's coming to stay on Sunday (for 3 weeks) - 3 are really too old to run with the pack - but I know they'll want to :-D

    I like the new look background - very clean.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. I thought I passed your vet in the travel agent's today, booking a world cruise and with a big smile on his face!!! Be careful.

      Definitely time for a change on the blog