Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sue went out - wild woman of Borneo returned

Sue went out on the kayak yesterday to explore 'Swift Ditch'. She came back with sticks in her hair, soaking wet, muddy, the kayak full of goodness knows what and a dirty great happy grin on her face. She would tell me no more other than to wear long trousers, long sleeves and a hat! The one pic published on her blog made nothing any clearer!!

I set off on the same trip this morning at 9.00am - this is what I found. Hang a left under this footbridge off of the Thames
A beautiful tranquil day
 Lovely isn't it? However did Sue get in such a state?
Pretty stone bridge
Quite a lot of submerged wood here
 The view straight ahead; it doesn't look like I can possibly get through here but if Sue did so can I - moi competitive?
 Ah yes - a tiny gap to the left
 now it's getting really silly
 limbo under here
and here we go again; absolutely no means of forward propulsion here other than a handful of twigs and reeds to port and a handful of stingers to the right - not helped by the fact that the current is quite strong in these narrow stretches. Much easier coming back down.
but it does 'open' up again - for a short distance
 and I'm stuck on a submerged log trying to rock myself off
now I know how she got in that state - I'm now in the same mess plus I've just copped a face full of stinging nettles. What a brilliant paddle - my best ever yet without doubt. Fantastic


  1. The Rain Forest of deepest darkest Oxfordshire... LOL

    Well done to both of you for getting throught that lot, good job it's not covered by the CRT Veg Pledge otherwise it would be impenetrable... LOL

    BTW I've sussed the problem regarding my viewing of your blog... it's all down to BILL GATES (no suprise there then!). It's a Windows XP Internet Explorer 8 issue, works great on all other platforms :) When I win the lottery I'll buy a new laptop :)

  2. Imagine how much trouble/fun we can have with one each!!!

    Clever you for sussing it. A problem with the blog as well now at my end - most of the blogs I've been posting are not coming up on people's side bars xx

    1. The side bar issue is an unknown area to me as I don't have a blog :(

      But just in case it might be useful your RSS Feed is working fine, I read all the blogs I follow when the RSS Feed tells me there is something new as it did with yours tonight :)

    2. This wasn't my most recent post though. I think the RSS feed had dropped out and, it would appear, Graham managed to restore it yesterday. My 'hits' have gone back to nearer normal now anyway so problem resolved hopefully

  3. I put my thinking head on last night, yes I know it doesn't get much use... LOL

    In Internet Explorer 8 there is an option in TOOLS to select COMPATIBILITY VIEW and guess what... everything comes back to normal, I can once again see...LOL

    1. But is 'seeing' a good thing - you might want to change it back soon!