Saturday, 7 September 2013

Baxter has made a sensational recovery

Yesterday we didn't think Baxter was going to make it - he was unable to walk and completely flat. Trying to squirt fluids into him; pumped with ant-inflammatories and opiates he had a good night's sleep (more than we did!). This morning we lifted him out of the boat and he still couldn't walk so carried him up to Alex's car; so very kindly lent to us by a friend of Bones' and carried him in to the vets. The vet asked us if he could walk; no he couldn't, so we put him down and he got up and walked in! She asked us if he had eaten; no he hadn't, so she mixed him up some food which he promptly scoffed. She asked us if he'd urinated; no he hadn't, so......
yeah, you get the picture.
Diagnosis was that he'd been in so much pain yesterday that he'd gone into serious shock. He's still very sore but he's back with us. The blood tests yesterday showed a problem that needs to be investigated further and we should know more about that Monday or Tuesday. Phew.
Both shattered now but flags are out ready to enjoy our special MR evening, 'last night of the proms' always a big annual event for us. Apart from trying to stay awake we have a bit of a problem tonight - we normally moor in the middle of nowhere so we can have the telly up full volume on surround sound and sing our socks off. Poor No Problem, plus family, are moored just 15 metres away. We'll try to keep it down a bit.

I took the following 4 pics quite early before we left Bagley Wood moorings. The light and shadow was lovely

 24 hours earlier a perfectly normal happy dog
 Which Country?
 I'm not sure what was going on here
 I love this little bit of Oxford
 Just chillin'
 It seems everyone had the same idea
 A tight wind to get Daisy as far away from the Godstow Road as possible before mooring up


  1. So glad to hear that Baxter is staring to feel a little better, what a relief :)

    'Last Night...' on the box here too, bugger the neighbours, turn it up!! :)

  2. Turned up - Nigel Kennedy is brilliant

  3. glad your dog is feeling better.fingers crossed for the future.

    Nobody could really object to the last night of the proms.

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      It's not the Proms that's the problem - it's our singing along!!!!

  4. Good news re doggie, I wonder if ate some dead manky thing.
    Paul x

    1. Nah. Crashed into big time by Muttley (we think-I was out the back and only heard the sound effects) who was trying to steal his biscuit - the vet thought he had ruptured something like his spleen given the low blood count as well. Nightmare.

  5. Hi Both
    Hope Baxter continues with the recovery

    1. Hi guys, fabulous paint job - we only did the roof and it nearly killed us. Baxter is full of himself today, such a relief.
      The blogging thing, I don't want to stop but the blogs are not updating on peoples side bars so no one is reading them. The last one '80%' which hit the side bars had 150 hits. Yesterdays didn't hit anyones sidebars and has had 19 hits - what's the point?