Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dorchester to Abingdon

Having a bit of a burn up -simply because we could

Major repairs going on with the railway bridge

 No room at the Inn lock at Culham, so Billy no mates had to wait behind whilst NP went on ahead; could have been the middle of July in the Med here, out of the wind and against this sunny brick wall
After mooring, Sue and I set off with the 6 pack to Sutton Pools and the village of Sutton Courtenay
a little trip of nostalgia for me as I used to live in this village
I lived in this, the 'Pink House,' as it's known locally, 30 years ago - delighted to see that the orchard I planted (a lot of pounds and hours) is bearing fruit. The plums overhanging the footpath down the side of the garden were delicious

a lovely walk and no regrets - I certainly wouldn't want the upkeep of that little lot anymore 
 We woke to a perfect mill pond and, after I'd paddled Swift Ditch (see previous blog)and back, we moved up to the town bridge to get some much needed shopping - needless to say we were distracted by the pretty town and decided to stay for the night

 Not a bad view from your side hatch is it?


  1. Hi Graham and Jill. It was lovely to meet you both in Abingdon earlier this week. Keep up the blogging - and have a safe up-stream journey!


    1. Hi Alistair, thank you for coming out and it was lovely to meet you too. Sorry it was so brief