Friday, 13 September 2013

A fox stole our dinner

 Our 23ft Norman cruiser blew up and sank at Tadpole Bridge 23 years ago. Nice to re-visit the moorings, so that was where we were heading.
Baxter wanted to get there quickly and kept advancing the throttle
More DIY locks
But we stopped for a quick pint at The Rose Revived at Newbridge at lunchtime (where I left my gorgeous new leather locking gloves.....grr) and let an American tourist, Brian Jarman, look round our boats. Not something we'd normally do but we found out yesterday that he's an author and photographer of some fame.
This mooring made access to both boats quite a lot more difficult than it looks, so it wasn't an option for the night
So which way does the river go?
Moored for the night at The Trout at Tadpole Bridge which had changed almost beyond recognition. What hadn't changed was the fact that they are still over run with rabbits and the Landlady said G could take as many as he wanted. G up at 5 am and took two but, before he could collect them, a fox shot into the garden and ran off with one!! G returned to the boat at 6.30 am, where upon the dogs were convinced we were being burgled and Baxter jumped on the bed and me and Daisy to tell us that we were being burgled and G jumped back into bed full of (noisy) righteous indignation against all foxes that ever lived and breathed.
 It being a Wednesday we needed two rabbits for dinner as Sue and Vic would be round. That'll be a deep dig in the freezer then. The one he got to keep had better taste good after all the 'excitement'!
It was off into Bampton for Sue and I - we both needed a decent walk and I was out of bread and milk. This was the village where G and I both lived separately and then met (I was dressed as a pregnant St Trinian girl at the time) and married in the Methodist Chapel. 

I thought this straw burning malarky was forbidden now.
One woman and her dogs
Anyone for a Christmas tree?
Just because you don't have a garden doesn't mean you can't grow stuff - beautiful
and a quick hop through Rushey Lock to a perfik mooring where G donned his Bear Grylls pinny (well mine actually) to hang the rabbit and prepare it for dinner with a very attentive four dogs in attendance!

There's a lot of money being spent on the weir at Rushey at the moment


  1. I love your blog and the thought of catching your own dinner. How did G take the two rabbits in the garden?

    1. Please don't do 'anonymous'. Air rifle - all legal with permission, responsibility and insurance