Monday, 9 September 2013

Still haven't fixed it

Does anyone have any ideas why my new posts are not coming up on people's sidebars. Those using RSS feeds say it is fine, but it's only showing about one in 5 updates on blog sidebars. That, in itself, is weird as it should be showing all or nothing! It's very frustrating.

Pleased to report that Baxter (call me Lazarus) is now doing really well - just the additional blood test results to come through now.

Sue's family came up to stay overnight on Saturday so, with NP crew and k9s busy and Baxter poorly, Muttley and I were reduced from a 6 pack, to him and I. Nowhere near as much fun for either of us.

 Daisy is taking uncharacteristic risks with this big, open, horribly busy space 
 Muttley and I set off  for Wytham (pronounced Whiteham) Woods via Whytham Mill
 You can see the woods on the hill in the background and you can skirt around the edge but are not allowed in as all this land belongs to Oxford University (quelle surprise) and is part of a 50 year ecology and entomology research project. How do I know this? An old mate of mine worked on the project and I was allowed to go in as his 'guest' to go badger watching and things (30 ish years back).
 I passed a field full of seriously free range chickens - up trees and all sorts, so I diverted to see if I could find some nice eggs - needless to say it was a University farm and the idea of selling to the great unwashed passing by with a dog and a rucksack was incomprehensible to them. I did, however, learn that hens have their first malt between the ages of 55 and 70 weeks old and that once they have malted their eggs are not nice to eat - the whites go all horrible. So does anyone know what happens to these young hens; perhaps they go into the human or animal food chain? Mmm, I can see why Vegans are Vegans and not just vegetarian now - I'd often wondered.
 My circular walk (and that of another couple I met) was thwarted by cattle with their calves and a bull - as soon as I stuck my nose into the field they lunged towards me. Muttley and I aren't very brave by ourselves so we accepted that we'd have to divert into Wytham village and then along the road back to Godstow. Not one of our nicest walks but we still got some excercise.
 This stream showed some promise for the kayak but I don't think I can get to it
Our Sunday lunch aboard No Problem ended a bit differently from normal. We had hardly finished our last lovely mouthful of G's fig and almond cake when there was a knock on the boat.
I didn't mean to use this picture - now Vic and Sue will know there's another one!

Sue was asked if the chap could borrow the kayak to ferry a Gerry can of fuel to his boat upstream on the other side as there was no access. Graham went out to speak to him and, of course, said yes; but there was definitely something dodgy about the situation so he held his girlfriend hostage kept the girlfriend talking until the bloke eventually returned the kayak. So that was the end of Sunday lunch really. We were right - all was not as it seemed. His boat had not just run out of fuel, he was a permanent moorer and had run out of fuel 8 weeks ago.

I would still prefer to trust people and help though - even if it does mean you get caught sometimes. I'd hate to go through life thinking the worst of everyone and at least he didn't run off and sell it!


  1. I've been caught out quite a few times by very clever con artists, women and men alike! Well they must be cleverer than me to get my cash and/or assistance... but as you rightly say trust is so important :)

    Yes the RSS feed is still working :) I don't know anything about the bloggers side-bar issue but one thing came to mind tonight... How long have you been carrying an advert above you blog post, below the header photo of Baxter & Mutley, could that be causing a problem?? I may be barking up the wrong tree, but it is an 'outside' influence on your blog that other 'lists' might object to technically...

    So good to hear that Baxter is picking up, give him a hug from me please.

    BTW which pie did you take to NP for lunch and is a slice in the post for me please?? LOL

    1. I moved that advert up from the bottom of the blog to the top today, so that the header of the next blog could be seen and people could see if it was one they hadn't read before. Good thinking on your part though.
      Able to give Baxter big hugs now - he's clearly not hurting much now. Results of the additional blood tests will be available tomorrow morning.
      We took the big pie to NP. The smaller one is, so far, untouched (G on a fast day today) so I'll post it off to you x