Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We ended up staying way longer than intended at Lechlade

Lechlade is, however a smashing little town - the walking is good
 and it has all the basic shops you need including an Arkwrights (believe it or not the credit card label on our account came up as, 'four candles') 
plus one that you might not need very often ........
 and Sue collected her son, Tony, from Oxford on Tuesday
 and we did get underway, eventually, on Wednesday, just as Graham and Jill on NB Armadillo arrived; best laid plans.........
 No Problem did a bit more bank ramming - even more difficult running downstream. Those bends are sooo tight on a big boat
 and we stopped at The Plough at Kelmscott for lunch (again dog friendly). An amazing village and a mooring Daisy would have happily stayed at for weeks - not just a lunch break
 Old Father Thames makes another appearance
 a lovely mooring and a good giggle with the Anglo Welsh occupants behind us
Look at that lot!!!!
 and my furry chested friend stayed with me whilst Sue was away and G was away and Vic was away. It's been ever so peaceful
Now these are pictures of Faringdon . G had a 6 1/2 hour journey to his Mum's so brought the car back,  rather than face a similar return journey, and we picked Sue up from the bus stop in Faringdon

 and then we got heavily involved in a crayfish marathon - MR v NP. That's a story for another day!
We used the car to have Baxter's bloods re-done (and collect Vic) in Oxford and we shall have the results, hopefully, tomorrow. Everything crossed tonight.
Sorry: this has all been a bit potted but brings us up to last night.


  1. Lovely towns, Lechlade, Farringdon et al, I know them from when I used to teach computing courses at weekends in Alvescot :)

    Mind you I never once picked up a strange lady at a bus stop thereabouts... I think Graham should be very careful otherwise he'll get a certain reputation... LOL

    BTW is Daisy available for a few days, does she fancy a short holiday in Derby? I need her specialst skills, my office has at least one little furry long tailed rodent too many... ;) p.s. what is her daily rate?

    1. I think Graham may have gained a 'certain reputation' many years back although he is reluctant to tell me why!!!!

      Daisy is definitely available (the piles of gizzards round here are getting ridiculous). Her daily rate is not straight forward but runs, roughly, as follows:
      A shoulder (must be left shoulder) to dribble on whilst you're on the loo and cleaning your teeth.
      A nice packet of whiskas as pudding after each 3rd mouse caught
      Blue milk (never give her green without risking life and limb).
      A hip to sleep on.
      A nice length of carpet to retreat backwards on whilst vomiting after, approximately, every 4th mouse consumed.

      I'll let you decide wether or not that's good value for rodent clearing? xx

    2. Not keen on the dribble...
      Would Felix in jelly be OK, my mum feeds it to her foxes!!
      Blue milk is easy, red & green are the work of the devil LOL
      No vomiting required, I'm sure it's only 1 or 2 mice at the most...
      Is there an owers fee to pay too ??

    3. Dribble is not OPTIONAL.
      Felix in Jelly is, equally, not an option - dependent on the rodent quality she is prepared to negotiate over Felix in Gravy.
      The owners fee is purely a packet of biscuits to share over tea when you pick her up and return her (latter dependent on you knowing where we are of course!)

    4. This is becoming far too complicated and expensive...
      Being the tight-wad that I am I'll just nip down to Poundland
      (other cheap shops are available) and get a mouse trap!! LOL

    5. I'm afraid Daisy has already put you down as a tight-wad and withdrawn her services. She get's the impression that it might be too down market a holiday for her tastes!

  2. Nice to see the pictures of Faringdon, Its James's home town and where our daughter now lives, looks like you are having a great time on the Thames x

    1. What a smashing little town Faringdon is.
      No rush to get back on the canals - we'll stay out here as long as potential flood warnings stay in the distance weather wise x