Friday, 5 April 2013

We've cruised to Whitlesey: River Nene Monday?

Desperately in need of a really long walk I rounded up the boys and set off from March along The Woodman's Way in the direction of Wimbledon - my God it was bleak; one of the (many) sunless days and a roaring NE wind.
 This bit of track providing a little respite with a few twigs either side
 But it was just too cold and we retreated back via the beautiful St Wendreda's Church to MR's fireside - hopefully we'd walked far enough to undo some of the bodily damage self inflicted at the Rose and Crowns Beer Festival the previous day
 Although the wind was still evil, the following day the sun came out much to Daisy cat's immense pleasure - she does love a good dust bath in the sun 
 and the heat in the steel

 out of the wind in a nice sunny well deck
 G returned from a visit to his Mum yesterday and so we set off for Whittlesey at 9.00 am this morning
 Although the sun was shining the ever present wind was brutal  
 although the boys were quite happy to watch the world drift (very slowly) past us - a chap in a car paced us for awhile to chat to G through his car window which helped some time pass
 Little else to break the landscape - oooh a trig point
 oooooh a bridge - anyone for limbo?
 It took us just over 3 hours to cover the 10 1/2 miles and 1 lock - Daisy, it seems, was desperately in need of a bit of weapon sharpening the second we moored
 A pleasant mooring, although a bit noisy with the 5 a side court and scooter/bike concrete thingy causing much excitement all afternoon - great facilities for the kids though and it stopped us nodding off
 Daisy headed off to find some innocent victims whilst we booked our passage onto the River Nene through Stanground Lock for 10 am Monday .. so we just might get to meet up with NBs Balmaha and No Problem if their window to cross The Wash opens.
One things for sure, if you like certainties and routines, never ever go messing about on the rivers


  1. We made it! We can't get through Dog in Doublet until tomorrow late afternoon because of tides so will probably be in Peterborough Tuesday. Will you still be around? Nessa x

  2. We'll wait in Peterborough until you get there