Monday, 15 April 2013

Warm and windy, but the rain has held off

A busy old weekend on the River Nene with several really lovely walks: in particular to The Prince of Wales Feathers at Castor where a very warm welcome awaited us from Maddy the pub dog. I promised her a blog mention but she seemed distinctly underwhelmed at the prospect of five seconds of fame.
 her Mum, Kate, remembered us from when we were stuck at Alwalton last year and is rather hoping for some heavy rain to detain us in the area a little longer. Evidently we're good for business - can't think why!!
They do good food, a selection of well kept Real Ales and dog biscuits are provided for canine visitors. This really is a cracking little pub in the centre of a fabulous walking area
Kate's rain dances aren't working at the moment and the Nene is currently quite benign
 Penny (from No Problem) popped round frequently to invite Muttley out to play. He was, of course, more than happy to oblige although he's beginning to run out of steam now
 I loved this weather vane in the nearby village of Sutton
 and the stream train was running over the weekend
Daisy had a duvet day
and we were invited round to No Problem for one of Vic's legendary Sunday lunches - simply delicious
Thought we might move on a bit today - 3 locks so it'll be a long day!

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