Thursday, 11 April 2013

A complete turn around in attitude - let's just enjoy the gorgeous Nene

Tuesday saw the arrival of the 'Washers;' No Problem, Balmaha and Anastasia plus the speedy James and Amy who are bringing there new NB Willow back to their moorings at Cambridge for her fit out. James and Amy charged on through Stanground onto the Middle Levels at Whittlesey (which we'd left the day before) and returned by taxi to join up for the evening. So here we all are at the local Weatherspoons (they just happened to have a beer festival on.
Clockwise; Sue, Amy, James, Mo, me, Vic, Mike (NB Anastasia) and Ness
 It wasn't a late night - everyone was pretty shattered - but it was a great evening. We hadn't met up with the Balmaha crew for 3 years, No Problem for about 8 months and Mike we hadn't met before; James and Amy are probably sick of the sight of us.
 Wednesday morning was the parting of the ways but I'm not sure why my husband is lurking like an out of work chimney sweep - could I make some money out of him if I hired him out for weddings as a good luck charm? Nah. Probably not.
 Penny has no feet on the ground

 Balmaha and Anastasia headed off for a 10am passage through Stanground  Lock
 and Megan and Penny gave the swans a good talking too
 No Problem and MR pootled about with water and pump outs and dogs and shopping and finally pulled pins around 11.00am in the most gorgeous weather we've seen in eons. The decision has been made, in a complete turn around for us, to take the Nene as it comes and enjoy it; if it rains and we get stuck for a bit, well; so be it

Sue and Graham playing silly Bs coming into Orton Lock

 No Problem cruising gracefully through the stunning Milton Ferry Bridge
 Moored at Alwalton - we know it so well - in time for a pint at the Cuckoo where Penny and Muttley tried to contain their enthusiasm but failed, joyfully

 Still had time for a decent dog walk before Vic and Sue (and Penny and Megan of course) came round for a spot of supper and to watch Masterchef (we're all addicted).
 We'll stay another night as it's even more gorgeous when it's not under water like last time.


  1. Now that was a really good night out!

    How lucky we have been to cross the wash with Balmaha and Anastasia, then to say goodbye to them and hello to you!

    Really looking forward to drifting up the Nene when we can (It's raining!). Still if the river goes into flood plonk the boats and get the walking boots on.. No time and motion on the Nene.. That's official!

    1. Yes ma'am - suits us fine