Saturday, 13 April 2013

These boots aren't made for walking

They have walked their amount of Super Glue is gonna patch this up. It seems fitting that I was paddling around in these boots in the floods at Alwalton on 26th April last year when they first split and I patched them up with Super Glue. Back in Alwalton again they have reached their end.
 So out of the bottom of the wardrobe comes the new ones that I stashed away when the sales were on - how many miles and how many memories will these new ones provide; where will they take me? To France perhaps? It is always sad parting with a pair of well worn walking boots. If you walk you'll understand; if you don't, you'll think I'm mad. Baxter is exhausted just looking at those potential miles
 So this, one year on, is a very subdued Alwalton Lock mooring where we spent 3 stranded weeks on our way out to the Ouse last year

 And this is the mottley crew we're travelling with on the return journey (honestly Lesley; you just can't get the quality shipmates any more)
 It is, of course, raining which is always disconcerting on the oh so fickle Nene
 This is the approach to Water Newton Lock and starting to look a little lively but so far so good!
 It has to be one of the most beautiful locks on our waterways

 But just through (upstream) they are building a new lock landing and we have to get around to the left of this
It's tight for us, but worse for No Problem who are 3 feet longer - the problem with narras is that you can't swing the front until the back end is clear
Here comes Sue - at least it's a double lock which gives a bit more width for manouevre swishing across
 Looking at NP through the obstacle; Sue swings across hard

 around she comes
 And on to our new moorings at Thomas the Tank Wansford Station after our epic cruise of 1 lock and 3-4 miles!!!!
That's NP waiting for a Tesco delivery before joining us through the bridge on the other side
 Daisy cat hits the new moorings running - where are those pesky mice?

 This'll do very nicely for the week end thank you - no point in rushing things

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