Sunday, 28 April 2013

Living the life of Riley

I don't actually know who Riley was - must Google it. To me it means good; company, food, walking and ale. We have all of those here in abundance.
 Open country between Ringstead and Denford looking across towards Woodford

 It must be summer as the weed cutter is moored up at Woodford Lock
 The cottage coming into Woodford has been re-thatched since I last did this walk - someone's been a little carried away with the animal/bird ornaments on the roof ridges

The Cock Inn at Denford has changed hands since Christmas but, it seems, has recovered the original chef and re-opened the restaurant only a week before we arrived. We had a lovely evening in there on Friday and chose from a limited, but interesting, menu. Most of the food was very good (one starter and one main course dish were a bit ordinary) and the wine was at a pleasantly reasonable price - so many of these places pile on the pounds for fairly ordinary wine; not the case here.

On Saturday the four of us traipsed into Thrapston to top up with perishables at the co-op and buy bits from the excellent hardware store. We retired for a pint and a sandwich (only the pubs that did good ale didn't do sandwiches) before taking ourselves back to the bus stop to catch a bus home - only the bus didn't come so we shivered in the cold wind for about 40 mins. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sunday morning was a nice walk before dinner on No Problem with the 'Mini Coopers'. We seem to have fallen into a rather nice pattern where Vic makes a fabulous traditional Sunday lunch and G or I provide pudding. Then the Mini Coopers come round to us one night a week for some 'mucked about with' food.

Tomorrow we're out for the day with my cousins and Tuesday we'll rouse ourselves to move on a lock or two. Sigh. 'Tis a hard life

This guy has a hard job; he's trying to construct new allotments out of pasture land

 I love this rolling countryside

 The lovely river fronted Denford village

 and our moorings by the lock

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