Thursday, 18 April 2013

Daisy cat heaven - this mooring is just one big play-time

Given that we are currently pinned down for a few days at Elton Lock by the strong  winds; the animals have fallen into a routine. Every morning Penny (from NB No Problem) pops round to see if Muttley wants to come out to play and, of course, he always does. They play for hours and still manage a long walk during the day - they sleep well though. I thought that they had found a lot of sticks and then I realised that they were systematically nicking them out of my kindling bag on the well deck. To be truthful, I suspect Vic has taught Penny to take the kindling back to No Problem
 Daisy has discovered paradise along the treeline at the back of the field
 so I went over with her to do her a photo shoot

 So many people ask me if she is happy living on a boat that's always (well...mostly) on the move
 I think these photos answer that question better than I can!

 Meg and Penny try to persuade Sue and I to take the longer route home over the bridge

 Elton Lock with the derelict mill building to the left-such a shame that it's not been restored. What a location
 NP and MR moored upstream of the lock and the weir stream

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