Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wadenhoe to ..... plan B

Kayak level pictures from yesterday
 The church at Wadenhoe - prior to the bell ringing practice in the evening which nearly sent Sue demented!

Our Wadenhoe mooring
 We set off for Thrapston this morning; Titchmarsh being the only lock of the day and Sue and G were quite happy gassing in the morning sunshine
 Vic and I (the lockwheelers) were also happy as there was no need to wind paddles with this much water coming over the top gates
 The mill here is the home of the Cruising Club.
 Which quickly saw our arrival at the Sailing Club outside Thrapston where we had intended to moor. However, the next obstacle is our nemesis; the very low Islip footbridge (I can't remember how long we've waited to get under this bloody bridge in the past) and rain is forecast so, at a quick management meeting, it was decided that if we could get under it now, we would as water levels are probably about to rise. But, could we get under.
 The airdraft signed under the bridge was 2.05 metres and we need 2.09. A bit marginal that, so a more accurate assessment was made
 with a weight (our sea search magnet-Vic's clever idea) on a bit of string dangled until it broke water
 and then measured
 resulting calculations sent Vic and G scurrying off to dismantle MR's solar panels/ top boxes etc
 whilst Sue made a cuppa and fed the dogs Bonios through the serving hatch
that done, we headed off for the bridge with fingers crossed whilst Sue took theses pictures
 it turns out we were over cautious and slid under with inches to spare
 probably only needed to remove the smaller solar panel; better safe than sorry
so we headed off to Denford  for the night. No Problem leaving Islip Lock with the Mill in the background
 Sue's turn for a bit of excitement next: through the arch of the town bridge
and then swing to port and reverse parellel to the bridge
 and in to get water
whilst we re-assembled MR's roof items before passing through the next (and last) Lock of the day at the beautiful Denford

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