Friday, 19 April 2013

Aptly named locations

Now if you live on Duck Street (let's face it, it's a great address)
and that's where your cottage is
well...what else could you call it. I love it........
A nice long walk across to the much needed butcher at Warmington yesterday, but that wind almost made us turn back
I love the 'muriels' in the underpass
Warmington (on sea 333) mill
and acres of soft fruit poly tunnels
Muttley staying out of my reach while he eats something disgusting
Elton Hall - 'tis terribly grand
and owner/occupied by Sir William who pops into the village shop each day for his paper
Four dogs just wallowing in a mud bath - just what you need back on the boats.....yuk!!
Bit tired now.....can we go home?

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