Monday, 1 April 2013

A new plan has been hatched - Nene is navigable

The River Nene is off strong stream, so that's our mooring permission in March ended. Trouble is that we still have a few committments that require the car. So we shall take the car and the boat to Whittlesey. G will then go to see his Mum and has booked the car in for an early MOT. Then we move to Peterborough in time to drive to Northampton next Sunday to watch the eldest grand daughter perform in the Derngate Theatre there. Then we take the car to Norfolk to a friend's to be sold and that's us done - free to fly, off up the Nene. Simples   .....  I bet it isn't!!!!!!

An interesting collection of signs on yeaterdays's walk: from the humorous...
 ... to the polite
To the job's worth......
It only links the footpath to the housing estate and any self respecting yob (even me!) could jump over it anyway
 Now I'd like one of these
 Perhaps I could keep chickens in it


  1. Simple - as long as it doesn't rain between now and then! :-) We'll keep our fingers crossed that it remains dry. Good luck.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Could you manage to cross a couple of toes too please Kath?

  2. Good news! Lets hope it stays that way - hopefully we'll see you soon. xxx