Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ashton to Wadenhoe

We'd intended to move on today but, as our next mooring will be Thrapston and, relatively, inhabited by others, we decided to stay another day at our idyllic moorings just to do  a few more things in the sunshine.
 like a pint at the pub
 a walk above the Nene Valley

 into the pretty village of Aldwincle
 starting to, finally look a little like spring

 and returning to lounge in the sun after reversing up for water
 but first I had to wet the bottom of the kayak for the first time this year - hard work against the stream and the wind, but delightful drifting home on the flow just listening to the 'cawking' of the pheasants and the tapping of a woodpecker.
It would, however, be remiss of me not to include some of the pics from the previous two days.

Sue (NB No Problem) had mentioned on her blog (not clever enough to do the linky thing, but you know where to find her) about re-fueling at Oundle Marina
 She also mentioned how difficult it was to leave and hang a right to continue upstream - well mentioning it is one thing - seeing it is better
 The Marina exit
 and No Problem is running out of room - Sue needs to start the turn, but she can't as the stern is still within the confines of the narrow exit
 all she can do is stick her nose onto the far bank until the stern is clear and then spin round it. It was tight for us but Sue and Vic are 3 foot longer
 The sensational Lilford Hall with it's amazing chimneys - just before Lilford Lock where we were stuck on strong stream with Lesley and Joe and NB Yarwood for a week last year on the way out
 how gorgeous are these - I think it was their eggs that I ate for breakfast this morning
 the boys (and girls) are loving it here
 and Baxter has taken to sun-bathing on the gang plank

 I just happened to have the camera handy and caught Daisy mid pounce. Fortunately she missed and this rodent lived to fight another day.
Have I mentioned how much I love the River Nene?


  1. Great pictures Jill - I love chimneys!

  2. The chimneys are amazing but I so wouldn't be wanting to emptying all those grates!!

  3. Linkys are easy. Copy the link you want (Ctrl+C) of course then highlight the text you describe / refer to, so say Sue's Blog then with that highlighted go to the word link next to where the picture button is. Hit link then in the box paste from you clipboard. Simples!

    Nice pictures.

    1. Picture buttons? Clipboard? As I said Kevin, I don't understand those linky thingys. Duh....