Friday, 18 January 2013

Then came the Muntjac

No sooner had the Kingfishers disappeared yesterday, than the Muntjac turned up in exactly the same spot; opposite our windows on the far bank. Struggling to get the chores done here with ringside seats to such royal entertainment and in grave danger of chopping off a finger or two as I prepare food whilst not looking what I'm doing.
 We had to move extremely carefully as he seemed aware of our presence and ready to bolt

I did just manage to fit in a 3 hour walk and make dinner, but that's all that did get done. Who cares!
 It's still pretty out
 One man woman and her dog - about to leg it after something (the dog, not Lesley) by the look of him. Probably Fallow Deer. No pictures of those so far; nor likely to be I suspect unless we build a hide. Still, who knows what will turn up outside our windows next.

 This sure as hell beats pounding the floodbanks!
Today was grey with a stronger, colder wind but we had very little of the additional snow that we'd been threatened with. The dull weather seemed to put our Kingfishers off as well - we only saw one brief flash of colour from them today (or maybe they're still stuffed from yesterday's successful fishing mission). No further signs of the otter today either - not even tracks in the snow. Oh well, maybe we'll get lucky again tomorrow.


  1. Some fantastic photos there you two, I really enjoyed the kingfisher ones yesterday too. For sure you are sounding a hell of a lot more happy about being over in the East.. I think I might be looking at those pics xx

    1. Brandon Creek (aka Little Ouse) is lovely. Trouble is we'll have to leave soon before we run out of water - back to plodding up and down the flood banks. The permissive path has been removed up at Denver now, so that's another circular walk gone.