Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I've succumbed to man flu

I blame Blogger, it has insisted  on posting all my blogs and comments as 'Graham' for some weeks now. So, instead of getting the annoying and inconvenient womanly cold, today I have man flu and I now understand the difference.
  • Having chugged round Sainsburys I ignored the shopping list
  • When I walked the dogs I came straight back as soon as they'd been emptied
  • After lunch I dumped the dirty dishes (I believe they are still in the sink)
  • I have spent all afternoon sitting on my (rapidly getting larger) bum
  • I have sighed a lot
I may be feeling rough but it was still a joy to watch the water passing under the bow as we cruised this morning
PS I do hope I'm not going to grow a beard!


  1. I had the 'man flu' about a month ago, Liz called it a 'slight cold', and I double dare you to grow a beard!!!

    Have a lovely new year

    Beardy Chas

    1. If I grew a beard now it might be grey!
      When are you coming to see us xx

  2. You mean you haven't grown a beard already - wow, you're further from the menopause than me then :-D

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. No - it's been and gone. It's a bald beard!

  3. The cure is to imbibe 'Hot Toddy' with regularity (provided by the other half of course!) whilst sat in front of the telly / laptop as you choose, snugly wrapped in a duvet.
    Nothing wrong with a beard, especially at this time of year!

    Beardy Norfolk Graham.