Monday, 7 January 2013

It's becoming a lot more serious

Friday I felt a bit better and gave the dogs a decentish walk passing the now, almost deserted, Fish and Duck Marina. It's supposed to be being refurbished and has been the subject of a great deal of local angst with the occupiers having to make alternative arrangements in the midst of winter. 
 Most seem to have found somewhere to go as there are no more than the usual number of boats shifting from mooring to mooring (including us and them next door)
Whilst I was out of the way with the dogs, G gave the boat a good post Christmas/pre friends visit clean up.

 Liz and Chas came up from Suffolk for the day and enjoyed a cruise into Ely where we had lunch at the newly refurbished Royal Standard - we were extremely pleased with the quality of the, mostly, homemade food and the portion sizes. It was not expensive and the 'creamy stilton mushrooms on Ciabatta,' starter was gorgeous and enough for a main meal for me
 Returning them to Little Thetford, they bravely sludged through the muddy gate, down the embankment and across the railway line in the dark to regain their car. We had a lovely day.
Sadly, as the day wore on, my man flu crept back and by Sunday has developed into the, more serious, female version with a bit of the winter vomiting stuff thrown in. I feel as grey as the weather and have only just got up; but it's back to bed for me. It seems to be striking female crew only as Lesley has also gone down with it and Pip (NB Windsong) has it too. Both Lesley and I had thought we were getting better, but it comes back again worse.

So Joe and Graham are on their own. If you see them out and about lugging Tesco bags or with two pairs of dogs; be nice to them.

The weather continues grey and murky


  1. Poor you.
    Hope you feel better soon and Graham is looking after you well.

  2. OMG You are in a bad way!

    I do hope you both feel better soon.. Keep warm xx

  3. Poor you with both the man-flu and the WVB! At the mo mine is just a heavy cold, but I have Ozzy worried as every time I sneeze (and I'm sneezing A LOT!!!) he rushes up to check that I'm OK!!! Ahh, bless him. When we are all better we will try and have a day out to see you all. I know I keep promising, but life just seems to get in the way! We need to vacate our 'landlocked widebeam' at the weekend for 8 weeks, so will be camping at Mum's and will need to escape from time to time. xxx

    1. Bad timing on your land locked widebeam!
      Couldn't you find somewhere warm and sunny with athletic bar waiters (OK - in my dreams)?
      Love to see you xx

  4. Thanks for a wonderful day, we both enjoyed your company very much, Liz and I are keeping our fingers crossed that neither of us go down with the dreaded bug, hope you feel better soon

    Beardy Chas xxxx

    1. It was a brilliant day - I don't think you need to worry about the bug; it seems to only be attacking the female of the species. Good luck Liz!

  5. Jill - yes we easily could have found somewhere warm and sunny - however, seems a bit mean to leave Mum during the worst 2 months of the year. I'll fill you in properly when we finally get together. Glad to read on today's blog that you and Lesley are both sufficiently recovered to walk the mutts. I am also on the road to recovery, sneezing and constantly blowing my nose seems to have abated a lot, just left me full of catarrh and with a cough, but all in all much better. xxx