Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bad news and good news

At just before 11.00pm the EA rang us back to inform us that the river would stay drained for 48 hours so we spent the night sat at a tilt on the bottom. It was a pretty night though
 This was our situation in the morning; despite slacking off all our ropes we still had the mooring bollard part way out of the ground by morning
 As the tide comes in they have to close the sluices for awhile until it turns again and we acrued just enough water to get ourselves off with a struggle - needless to say G's physio appointment had to be re-scheduled
 We moved as far as Littleport before the wind threw another hooley at us so we called it a day and snuggled down for the afternoon. This morning we did a Yarwood and pulled pins at 8.20 am - yes us! - neither of us could sleep in the wind so we thought we might as well get on with it. When we reached Ely they were pollarding all the willows in Willow Walk. This young man looked very nonchalant up there with his chain saw whilst the others fed the debris into a shredder thingy.
 A quick chat with those involved 
You Tarzan, me ..
 and no prizes for guessing where some of it ended up!
 The good news is that the EA say they will be dredging between Denver and Salters early March and that the Navigation will be re-opened for Easter. All we'll need then is the Nene Lock repairs to be complete, the Nene not to be on 'strong stream' and a level tide - that's not too much to hope for is it?


  1. Oh my, that's a lot of things that have to line up to allow you to escape - I won't wish you luck - knowing how mine is running you'll end up getting struck by lightning!

    I do hope that you get away though - lots of exciting tideway action over the summer!

    Sorry, feeling sorry for myself as have been confined to barracks by suspected measles!!!!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Hopefully we'll be there for the tideway action.
      Shouldn't you have had those a while back?

  2. Good catch with the logs! You're one of my favourite blogs! Keep posting graham! Hopefully you'll enjoy catching up with what we get up to as well ;)

    1. We have been following you too. By the way it's Jill that does the blog but blogger insists on putting Graham!

  3. Nice to be neighbours briefly! That is good news about Salters/Denver - would be great if they do dredge it in early March!

    1. We should catch you over the next couple of days. I'm not sure Daisy and Lyra are enjoying being neighbours - my apologies for Daisy's language - you try to bring them up right, but what can you do?