Thursday, 24 January 2013

I do hate democracy

At least, I do when I'm outvoted!

Despite kind offers of water delivery from Graham on Winnie Bea and the possibility that the water point might de-frost and that we might kindly be allowed to use it; the democratic vote has been exercised and we shall be moving tomorrow. The trouble with this, for me, is that there is nowhere we can go that is even a quarter as nice as here - baring in mind that, 'where we can go' is severely restricted at the moment.

So, once on the move, the priority will be full water tanks and then heading for Downham Market whilst catching up with the washing. Never mind, I've had a fabulous holiday and we can come back again later.

With this being our last day, it was off to Aldi to fill the veg drawer and fridge to maximum capacity before hitting the woods for one last 2 3/4 hour walk. Returning home, it seemed right and proper that the otter came out to play as dusk fell...... perfik.

 In Brandon Park today we found this, previously undiscovered (by us), mausoleum. Evidently it was built by Edward Bliss who bought the Park in 1820. As Lord of the Manor and High Sheriff of Suffolk he wished to be buried on his own estate which duly happened upon his death in 1845. 14 years later his wife Sarah joined him.
 Unfortunately, the Park was sold outside of the Bliss family in 1903 and the new incumbent chucked the remains out to St. Peter's Church in Brandon. A bit off what? Hardly cricket!!!
One last snowy forest picture and it's back to the flood banks for me and the boys. The only thing that can save us now is the desperately cold weather that has been forecast tomorrow. Would you want to be on the tiller for several hours in temps of -3? Not me, I've a Paella to make!

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