Saturday, 26 January 2013

The cold didn't save me!

The Yarwoods were off at 8.30 yesterday and we loitered over  a leisurely breakfast and some last photos before engaging in the 'Indian rope trick' - our rear rope was frozen so solid that we had to knock the pin out and chuck rope and pin in hot water before we could untie it.
Funnily enough they were saying on the radio about it being RSPB bird watch day and how the Mistle Thrush was dying out - well lookee who we have here then...

No sign of 'our' Kingfishers, but we disturbed plenty of their neighbours as we left in ferociously cold weather. I've never ever seen so many as we did in that first hour and Whooper swans.

 We passed Winifred Beatrice, but Graham and Corrine hadn't arrived yet - catch you on the next visit guys!

Stopped off at Little Ouse Moorings for a natter with Natalie, diesel and that oh so desperately needed water - first load in the washing machine the second the hose pipe hit the filler! A quick catch up with NB Joint Decision although I didn't see Barbara - hello Barbara and please pass my apologies to your man for my gabbling on - I hadn't seen anyone to talk to except the checkout guys at Aldis (and they are too busy working to engage in conversation) and my husband - and everyone knows husbands don't do talking!

So with the washing machine working it's little socks off (and knickers, sweatshirts and trousers) we headed back onto the Great Ouse to our mooring for the night at Windmill Moorings near Hillgay Bridge where there is a waterpoint to re-fill again after all the washing

This is the view from our window tonight....
Oh well .... back to reality


  1. We have a pair of thrushes in the garden, they enjoy the snails. There is a good BT hotspot moored by the bridge, I noticed there is a BT man lives opposite.

  2. The Thrushes are so pretty, but there's little bird life out here. Very fast picture load tonight thank you BT man!!

  3. Hi guys,
    Sorry we missed you. As always, stuff prevented us getting over as early as we would have liked. Still, boat was fine and we managed a little potter before sunset.
    Catch up for a chat sometime!

    1. Didn't turn out to be a bad day - glad you got out for a bit