Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Kingfishers are still playing hard to get

We've realised why we haven't seen so much of the Kingfishers recently, it's because they've swapped banks onto our side. That isn't, however, as good as it sounds as we only have one porthole on that side towards the rear of MR
 and that porthole is within 5ft of this, their fishing branch - too close. We frighten them off no matter how carefully G approaches the window with the camera. Very good for just watching though.

 The pigs are a somewhat easier subject
 We arranged an expedition to visit Lesley's brother today, so the 4 dogs were in the back of the car together. Any of you familiar with the Tibetan Terrier breed will know how they hate to have their heads at ground level - a chin rest must always be found when at all possible. Fortunately they both managed to find comfortable, black, chin cushions.
 Baxter availed himself of Fletcher's rump
 Whilst Muttley made free with Floyd's withers
 When we arrived, Floyd was very quick to give his 'Uncle David' a birthday greeting
After lunch and a gossip we all headed to the woods with David's black Labrador, Bentley. I haven't put up any more pictures 'cause their's only so many pics of snow covered woods a body can bear - they might be different woods, but they all look the same covered in snow!


  1. Replies
    1. By Brandon Staunch on Brandon Creek/Little Ouse - sadly, leaving tomorrow. Absolutely magical mooring in winter; not a soul about.

  2. My only kingfisher picture was many years ago on the K&A, no comparison to yours and not in the snow. They are extremely tricky!

    Any chance of a link? Steve