Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We've gone on to water rationing, purely because we want to stay here for a while and we're 5 hours cruising from water, maybe a little less as we'll be running downstream for most of it. I did, however, spot a private water point on the moorings a little way down when we were talking to the gentleman on NB Winifred Beatrice. He follows our blogs and was pleased to see a couple of boats moving. Hello if you are reading this and, if it came to it, is there someone we could contact to ask about water?

We awoke yesterday to a covering of snow and did a circular tour through the town to see what was about, returning via Aldi for some basic supplies - this is the only Aldi for miles although they are building one in Ely.
When you eat as many veg as we do, Aldi is brilliant - so much cheaper. After lunch, Lesley and I set off in the direction of Santon Downham, but we had to turn back due to darkness falling. More Kingfishers, Fallow Deer and Monkjacks. Returning to a snow clad boat without lights, I thought G must have gone out but no; he was out the back watching an otter playing by the lock entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mooring ranking out of 10? 15.

Ponies on the heathland

Daisy checks out the sprinkling of white stuff
G sweeps the snow from the solar panel
Checking out the cray fish pot baited with the gone over Xmas pate - mmmm well the fish seem to like it
Lesley Kingfisher watching
Time to turn back
Idyllic new EA mooring - sadly only the smallest of boats will be able to use it due to the 36ft lock
Shame about the sign  otherwise this could have been a contender for next year's Xmas card
Muttley playing whizz-bangs in the snow - he so loves it


  1. Wow, that's a respectable amount of snow - it hasn't come to Surrey - luckily!

    Glad that you're getting back on top form - say "Hi" to the Yarwoods for me - you're often in our thoughts :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. More snow coming, yipee. Message passed on to the Yarwoods Sue. Hope life is a little more settled for you now

  2. The lock at Brandon is actually 46 ft not 36. And the Duck, 48ft, has been through it :)

    1. Hi Amy, I was going by the book. Lucky you to be able to go through, it's even more gorgeous above the lock. Was that EA mooring there when you took the Duck through? Hope all goes well with the survey

  3. Hi Graham,
    I'm Graham, the "gentleman" on Winnie Bea! I'm not often called that!
    The tap is well frozen at our base at East Fen Fisheries but for future reference you could try giving Kim (the owner) a ring on 07546 481303 or 01842 827001 and ask. BTW Kim is a Bloke.
    Lovely to see you the other day. Maybe we can catch up for a chat sometime.
    Graham & Corinne
    nb Winnie Bea

    1. Hi Graham and Corinne. Lovely to hear from you and thank you very much for the info. Do you live on NB Winnie Bea - if so we'll shout as we go past. That's if, of course, we can hold her running downstream. We will be back again before long - this has to be the best spot in the winter