Monday, 14 January 2013

Joe's bugged now

We stayed put on the GOBA moorings for Saturday as Joe was not too well. I'm pleased to say that, at this stage, it's a rotten cold and not the dreaded 'ladybug'. Fingers crossed that it stays that way - amazingly G is still fine.
We were up early Tuesday morning as we had thought we would be moving and, given that MR was still parked on Yarwood, it would have been terribly rude to have stayed in bed half the morning. The early start wasn't totally in vain though,  look at this sunrise.

 Lesley and I set off for the only walk from here - a circular walk round Cow Drove
 admiring the piggys - 3 of which were so covered in mud that the camera couldn't pick them out. We were admiring the effectiveness of their camouflage when we realised that they were black pigs! 
 it's only as you get to the end of the drove that you hit civilisation which is 100% equine and associated stabling, menages etc.
Before returning to the boats via the flood bank - this picture is to prove that I haven't topped Lesley and chucked her in the River; although I suppose she should be carrying a dated newspaper.
A circular walk of just under 3 hours. I don't know about Lesley, but I was very relieved to find my energy levels returning. I slept like a log that night - a combination of early start, long walk and total silence.
 With Joe feeling a little better, we completed the journey to the moorings by Brandon Staunch yesterday - the head of the navigation for us as this lock is only able to take boats of 36ft
 I suspect many of our ditch dwelling mates will be heading for water points before the freeze, so we knew how lucky we were to be cruising
 breaking our hearts though at all the wood we were passing but couldn't access
 reaching the end we winded before mooring - now that was very exciting and took two attempts as the water was pushing so hard and fast against us that we could hardly make headway
 Daisy was quickly out and about checking out her new mooring - as were Lesley and I. Off down the Hereward Way where Fallow Deer and Kingfishers abounded. Pictures tomorrow as I've had technical problems and wasn't able to blog yesterday and that's enough for now.


  1. Looks like the Easten Europeans that had set up a tent home on that mooring have moved on. When we were there in the summer they had clearly been there a good while looking at the pile of used 5L water bottles and the massive pile of other rubbish. They had a generator and a massive PA and were blasting and I mean blasting out Reggi tracks.

    I did chat to them and they seemed pleasent enough though. We didn't stay and went back the the GOBAS. Much quieter.

    1. All here is perfik now Kevin