Monday, 15 February 2010

We just lost our virginity

That is our sushi virginity (although I think D had had an M&S taster). D & I went off and did our pirates of the Caribbean which we thought might be seriously uncool, so we sat at the end of an aisle ready to do the old, "you pretend to go to the loo and I'll follow in 2 mins" routine. There was no need, they were very funny and we enjoyed our tyranny. We then rang G and met up for a drink. We have become such sophisticats.
I didn't feel like cooking so we offered D the choice - either we went back to the boat and he cooked or we ate out and he paid. He decided we would eat out and he chose Japanese. We ate out in style and the idea of taking food we fancied off a conveyor belt was a novelty we all enjoyed at a very reasonable price.

So that's our fill of city life - we're off to the north Stratford in the morning. We've had a fabulous time, and tonight we saw it out in style, but now it's time to return to bumpkin land

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