Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Birmingham by Night

It's a good job we're on digital and not celluloid or I'd have spent the entire food budget on film and development.

After moving out into the country to find and log our wood, we thought we would move on for a few days before coming back into the city to spend some half term time with our grandson. However, we heard a dodgy temperature forecast so beetled our way back into the city rather than get iced in in the middle of Birmingham suburbia. The problem is that, when we returned, the 14 day moorings on one side are occupied by three boats (2 unoccupied) and, moored as we are on the opposite side, it's not safe to let Daisy out. The sad thing is that the 48 hr moorings on the Daisy safe side are unoccupied. I might have a word at the BW office tomorrow and see if they'll take pity on her and let us stay on the 48 hour - especially if there is going to be another freeze over.

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