Friday, 19 February 2010

Hatton in all her glory

Off we set down the 21 wide locks of the Hatton flight this morning looking oh so splendid in 4" of snow.
I think I'm getting old - I found this flight much harder than I ever have before and I had Dainion's help this time. I don't know if the cold air makes the hydraulic paddles stiffer but 23 and a half winds per paddle was tough - particularly on the bottom paddles. Equally, we couldn't keep our feet under the bottom gates so we couldn't send one on ahead to reset the next lock as it needed both of us to open and close the bottom gates. We also struggled to open the top gates due to the ice packed up against them.
There was, of course, plenty of time to lob snowballs at Grandad whilst he was captive at the bottom of the locks - doesn't matter how old and decrepit you get there is always time to do fun things with snow!!!!
Talking of fun in the snow - my little Mudlark has turned into a snowlark; I would have put Baxter's photo up but, being mainly white, we couldn't find him!!
Perfect straight swathe cut through the ice - good job we didn't encounter any bends.
These little guys were determined to have some attention as we approached the last lock.
Followed by a well deserved pint in the Cape of Good Hope. Night night.

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