Friday, 5 February 2010

The best of days!!!!!

We have had such a brilliant day. Paul from Waterway Routes stayed on his NB in B'ham last night after lock wheeling for Gypsy Rover up the Hatton yesterday. Christine caught an early train from Bristol this morning and we all met up at 10.10 am to start the climb up the Aston and Farmers locks - 25, and 24 set against us. An absolute doddle; 3 lock wheelers, great company and no rush: 2hrs 50 and not even vaguely tired.
Between the two flights, Christine & Paul (now driving) took a well earned rest whilst I kept walking to allow the dogs a good leg stretch.
The juxtaposition of old and new architecture is fabulous, it really works in harmony.

Loved the mini roundabout complete with sign posts.

Having moored up, we walked round to NB Waterway Routes' mooring, put some coal on their roof and did a 1 hour tour of a few loops of the BCN, Christine's & Paul's knowledge is both endless and fascinating, before breasting up to MR and dumping the coal on our roof. Now that's what I call a coal delivery!

Yes, this is me steering NB Waterway Routes - I bet there aren't many of you who have had their hands on electric boats - the irony was that we passed another electric boat (like number two buses!) and we could actually talk to each other all the way down the cut and hear the birds singing and not frighten the herons.
We passed the original Fellows, Morton & Clayton building.
This is our mooring.
Above (the round building), doesn't photo well, but was the original stable block.

Daisy is a bit confused by urban living and got stuck up a tree before disappearing into a block of posh apartments, more of that next time.

Perfect day, thank you Christine & Paul for your friendship, help & knowledge.


  1. Excellent photos of one of my favourite places!I see you captured an image of the old canal warehouse half way up the Farmers Bridge flight - did you notice the arched outline of the old canal entrance? - an arm went right into it.
    Capt Ahab

  2. No, missed it. It was like a kid in a chocolate factory. More exploring today.

  3. So pleased you are enyoying Birmingham!

    nc Indigo Dream