Sunday, 7 February 2010

City girl part 2

After several hours I caught up with Graham who was lurking in a coffee shop (we are becoming so sophisticated) and we trundled off for lunch.

We had to take some time out & step into the above memorial building, initially built in dedication to those who gave their lives in World Wars I & II, latterly dedicated to all who have lost their lives in service to this country. It was good to see that the building was quite crowded & I found it to be quite emotional.
After lunch we returned to MR for G to watch the Rugby & me to have a cup of tea & put my feet up before heading off again to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. The latter was disappointing for me as, the need to subdue the lighting in the watercolour gallery meant you couldn't see the translucency of colour or, really, any of the properties of watercolour that make it so special.
When I was chucked out at closing, it was dark so that, of course, sparked off another round of photographs - I'll spare you tonight and, of course, today we did something entirely different and had a day out in Soho.

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