Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Moorings

I walked the dogs out into the country today before coming back and having a word with the lovely ladies in the BW Office. Apart from the fact that the right hand (14 day)moorings are not good for Daisy, the NB opposite seems to need to run it's engine at least 6 times a day. The noise is far more invasive opposite than it is front or rear (linear). The Daisy safe (48 hr) moorings are empty. So, whilst I was negotiating Daisy dispensations, G found new moorings at the top of the farmer's flight after winding and topping up the water. We then trundled off to explore the jewellery quarter.
We were diverted by bad weather and a pub and somehow we lost the mood.

Above St Paul's and the all pervading BT tower, below..well, if you're going to be a tourist....

So we headed for home in time to let Daisy out in the late afternoon sun to investigate her new territory. She immediately left the safety of the 'island' and trundled across the lock gate, so we could be looking for new moorings again tomorrow.

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