Thursday, 11 February 2010

Graduation Day

Everywhere we went there were proud students in gowns posing for photographs with even prouder parents and siblings. We couldn't help but get a little glow for the sheer joy of their occasion in the beautiful (but bitterly cold) sunshine.
After the usual dog walk followed by some serious menu planning, I left himself building shelves and set off in pursuit of the nearest supermarket ready for some serious cooking for the family this weekend.
Another very scenic walk to the shops, but this time via architecture rather than lakes and country parks.
We had a quick planning meeting this pm and have sort of decided that we will stay here 'til around Tuesday (things planned with grandson in Birmingham on Sunday & Monday), then return to Soho to collect the rest of the wood and then head off to Dudley. Our ultimate plans for returning to Braunston & rejoining Caxton are dependent on the re-opening of the Lapworth flight. Keeping a careful eye on Gypsy Rover's blog as they are our 'men on the ground'. No need to make a decision as to which way we go for at least 8 or 9 days. Lots of fun to be had with Dainion over half term first. Yesterday's snow has nearly gone, but there's still too much ice around to let Daisy out without supervision. Poor Daisy.


  1. I'm glad you are finding your way around Birmingham. A year ago you could have seen the only graduate to arrive and depart by narrowboat.

  2. Hi Jill & Graham. Glad to see you're having a lovely time in Brum. A couple of pubs for you to visit (if you havent got to them already):- 1. The Prince of Wales, 84 Cambridge Street B1 2NP - about 200 yds from where you're moored. 2. The Wellington, 37 Bennets Hill B2 5SN - "specialist real ale pub" with 16 hand pull real ales/ciders available. No food served, but you can take your own in there & they provide plates, knives & forks, and wash up for you afterwards (how good is that!). 3. The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre, 4 Temple Row West B2 5NY. Incredible preserved victorian pub, serves food at reasonable prices with real ale. The back yard of the joint stock, backs onto the back yard of the wellington pub, so the're reasonably close together. Happy drinking! Love Sue & Dave.

  3. Thank you Paul, your info and DVDs have been excellent,

    Hi Sue and Dave, lovely to hear from you both, Anotherrrrrr three Pubs to find.....How boringggggg NOT.
    Cheeers, hick