Saturday, 6 February 2010

City girl part 1

Up early this morning dying to take advantage of our 5 star moorings in the city centre. We used Waterway Routes DVDs to try to decide on our cruising plans, whilst here, and which exit route to take when we leave. They were brilliant and the additional maps and info guides are particularly helpful-the BCN is a maze & you'd be very clever to sort it without additional maps to the Nicholsons. This is the only waterway I know where you can be given direction such as, 'turn left at the mini roundabout' or, 'turn right at the crossroads'. I'm no expert at this, but my understanding is that this is because the original canal twisted and turned into every business and was later "straightened" out. Many of the earlier loops and arms still exist, whilst the new "motorway" cuts through the middle.
Shortchanging the dogs on their walk, I left G to do manly things at Maplin's and some general shopping, whilst I set off to be a tourist. Had a fabulous day, but missed Lesley's company - she would have loved it too.
I know I'm a country bumpkin, but it was like stepping straight onto the Continent and everywhere spectacularly clean.

Here they are hosing down after Friday nights revellery.

I never heard a sound last night-not even radio or TV noise from the flats above (very upmarket).
Nor from the National Indoor Arena.
I said yesterday I wasn't tired well, today, I'm bushed of Birmingham, but my story is not yet told; I will finish today's tale tomorrow.

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