Thursday, 4 February 2010

Arriving in Birmingham

Arrived at the end of the B'ham & Fazeley at Salford junction. I stood on the back of the boat and clicked the camera as fast as I could - every camera click took in a different stretch of water, be it canal or river, to our left, our right, above, below....a m a z i n g. Had failed to get water at Minworth services as the water point had been turned off, although the cloakroom (toilet and sink only) had two bars of heating on. Why you need 20degrees to have a pee or wash your hands I don't know.
Met the usual city submersibles which helped us rock and roll, particularly bad at bridge holes, and a fair bit of prop wrapping, but other than that a very average day in dismal weather. Stopped for an hour at Asda and then moored up at Cuckoo Wharf where, again, the water was turned off - BW doesn't seem to have twigged that the ice has melted and people are on the move again and needing water. However, a residential moorer solved the problem for us.
Off to meet up with Paul & his wife Christine from in the morning, they are going to help lockwheel us up the Aston & Farmers' flights. Weather looks reasonable so should be a great day; also given a heads up on a city centre, cat safe, mooring by a cat loving BW man. Poor Daisy has forgotten what a mouse smells like; it's so long since she's been allowed out!
Today has been the first day of our third year aboard MR. Still no regrets.


  1. Spotted you go past Oozells Loop at 13:30hrs...ish.

    Enjoy your stay in Birmingham.

    Kevin and Linda aboard NB Tranquility

  2. Hi guys, if today has been anything to go by we will have a fantastic time. Kettle's always on (well 11.00am onwards - we don't do mornings if we can help it). Jill & Graham