Saturday, 20 February 2010

I've lost my fellow lockwheeler

We moored at the bottom of the Hatton yesterday outside the Cape of Good Hope in Warwick. More ice this morning and the forecast is fairly dire for the next few days. It's not the most scenic of moorings but, I'm afraid, we have become a bit wussy this winter now when we see icy forecasts. So here is safe for Daisy, has dog walking off the towpath for Baxter & Muttley, has a pub and a shop for us and, most importantly, a water point that our hose will just reach - although it was frozen up this morning.
There are only 7 days left in Feb and we are still planning around snow & ice - we certainly haven't travelled as much as we normally would have & it's playing hell with BW's stoppage schedule.
So I think we shall hole up here for a day or 3. My lock wheeling buddy has been collected today and I have to confess to falling asleep over my book after putting on a couple of loads of washing and a bit of a clear up. I shall really miss him, he has been such good fun and so helpful.
I must go foraging for food tomorrow and do some cleaning but, if we're still here in a day or two, I think the time has come to get the paints out. When the shop was open 6 days a week I always took one and a half days out a week to paint. Retire and move onto MR for two years and there hasn't been time. How does that happen?


  1. Dont forget that Saltisford Trust just around the corner does pump out & water !

  2. Thanks Alf, we are empty and Full if you know what I mean!