Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nowhere land

Although we hadn't intended to come back to the South Oxford Canal for at least a year (having spent the whole of last August & last February here) it does have some advantages; such as knowing where the really nice spots are. We love this mooring & there isn't one single building in sight-not so much as a barn. Tonight will be our third night here and only 3 people have passed us on the towpath side (only 2 different people), heaven. There is only room on the arnco here for 1 boat so I wouldn't normally say where we are (or I'd have to shoot you) but gadget man automatically broadcasts this now via the GPS.

Because this is the canal we started out on when we bought the boat, we thought this was the norm, but it really isn't-coming back now, after having spent some time on the wide canals (and a quick dice with a couple of rivers) I realise how charming this (& the South Stratford) really are. You can spend 2 or 3 days cruising & meandering about & still end up only 5 or 6 miles down the road as the crow flies. Given the network of footpaths that cut across the bends, you can certainly walk it quicker. You do, also, need to keep an eye on your chimney, dogs & anything else that lurks on your roof as the bridges tend to be quite diminutive; both horizontally & vertically.
Talking of footpaths, there's still an awful lot of water around despite the glorious sunshine. It was so warm that we had to let the fire out until this evening although there is a groundfrost now.


  1. Was the stile/Graham shot posed or did you actually get him out walking?

  2. Not posed - he did walk it; albeit with one arm twisted up his back & bacon & egg as collateral in the bribery stakes.

  3. To go from Norfolk to the South Oxford is to leave one God's country for another.

    A Norfolk Boy who moors on the South Oxford