Friday, 27 February 2009

Perfect day up the Napton flight

Having tried to do the sensible thing and "rest" my stupid foot, I gave up today & tried to get as close as possible to my normal routine. The sun was shining and we had the beautiful flight of 9 locks at Napton ahead of us. I needed to be out there with my dogs & working them (the locks and the dogs) - I was not prepared to stay on the back of the boat getting bored, stressed & cold. So I put my foot down (ha) and swallowed extra pain killers. What a lovely day, the sun was really warm and we never saw another boat until we got to the top lock and two were coming down. This meant we could take our time & we used the rope to close the far side gates behind MR as she went in (which saved some walking). The tow path is lovely & wide with only one or two muddy spots - oh the joy of getting some excercise again at last. We had such a good run that we were moored up by about 1.30, so we decided to set about the wood we'd been given by BW tree fellers (why does that always make me want to come out with the old Irish joke) on the run down to Brinklow last week. We had to wait until Daisy had finished sharpening her weapons of mass destruction (better that than using MR's upholstery). She then went off & bought back and ate at least 4 mice whilst we were sawing & splitting & left the "gizzards" where the dogs found them, ate them & then were sick. Tired after a hard days hunting, she then got back on the boat & barfed all through the galley and the bathroom- the joy of animals. By the time we'd logged all that wood, we were starving & craving carbs, so we hoovered large platefuls of pasta and home made chips - perfect. We nearly rounded it off with pancakes (and I'm not talking the buckwheat variety here), but decided that would be just too piggy, so had another glass of wine instead, oh, and a piece of G's cinnamon apple crumble sponge & cream. It's such a hard life.


  1. The boys look very dinky in their lifejackets! Don't blame them for puking up the gizzards - haven't cats got terrible taste? I mean, what's wrong with a doughnut?

  2. Greygal, we always put their jackets on when the cruise involves locks - apart from the obvious, you can hook them out by the handles (or move them about like handbags). Hope your guys have stopped puking!