Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Organ transplants & greyhound dinners

Much of my experimental cooking recently has involved a lot of spices, vegetables & pulses; but one of my grand passions (well, one I dare air in public) are bacon & lambs kidneys with fried tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh, crusty, white bread. The urge was upon me, so kidneys were brought out of the freezer last night for a scrumptious, leisurely breakfast this morning. Unwrapped the freezer bag this morning to find disgusting organs - who swapped my kidneys for hearts? Oh yuk, yuk, yuk; not to mention disappointment. What rotten butcher fixed me up with hearts? Oh well, Baxter & Muttley thought they were delicious - my loss was their gain.
Daisy has come to terms with the high pussy cat populace now & resumed her roaming & hunting; to the point where she ate so many mice that she started to barf on the boat-with one fluid movement G scooped her out the sidehatch; straight into the immediate path of a passing greyhound! The greyhound's owner needed a crash trolley, but Daisy & the greyhound got over it.


  1. I've gone faint just thinking about that..not the hearts, but poor Daisy suddenly 'pret a manger'. You know why I turned round that day...

    By the way, I love my poach pods! So easy!

  2. Are you around on the 21/22 March?

  3. Jill likes her poach pods too, but doesn't like the extra hastle of oiling, and washing up extra bits. Daisy doesn't run from dogs and one day may end up as supper to a greyhound!

    Bones we are heading down to Twyford Wharf this weekend and have nothing planned as yet for the 21/22, except that we have to be back at Cropredy/Claydon the following weekend.

  4. twyford wharf sounds even better than cropredy as it is closer to Oxford for the drive. How long are you there for? Do you have an email address/contact? mine is mortimerbones at yahoo dot co dot uk