Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bargains in Banbury!

Took all the menagerie into the vets this morning-Baxter & Daisy for their annual jabs & MOTs & Muttley re his ears; they took swabs from the latter (hopefully these won't match as the perpetrator of some heinous crime, but with Muttley you can never be TOO sure) to send to the lab to see precisely what's growing in them (sorry if you're eating), so now we wait for 5 days or so before deciding what to do next. Daisy took a serious dislike to the whole performance (no surprises there then) and tried to deafen poor John by growling at maximum decibels through his stethoscope. I don't know where she learnt such language, but it certainly wasn't from me. Brave chap then VOLUNTEERED to give her her worming tablet!
Baxter just wagged his tail a lot & then nodded off.
Afterwards we went into Banbury and found some lovely architecture in the town proper but photo opp's were limted due to the rain - this white building is the most amazing cookware shop I've ever seen; I do hope we don't loose all these independents before the economic situation recovers. Graham should manage to keep a lot of them afloat!

Definite bargains to be had, I've been looking for a cookbook for pressure cooking with no success (it doesn't seem to be in vogue at the moment), but I did find this gorgeous book reduced from £14.99 to £4.99 - then when they scanned it at the till, they said it had been reduced to £2.99 (but were keeping the further reduction a secret?).

My second bargain of the day was this-now where else can you get a fine pair of silicone mouldings for £4.95?
Now I know we don't get out much and I have to confess that, today, I set foot in a sandwich shop called Subway for the first time (remember we lived in Norfolk for 10 years; which is in it's own time warp roughly 20 years behind the rest of the UK). I have to admit that this was as confusing and scary an adventure as the first time I set foot in a Mcdonalds about 8 years ago. Everyone seems to know how it works except you (well..me) so they fire off questions really quickly and try not to open their mouths because you are expected to know what the questions are anyway. When they did it to me at McDonalds the first time, I panicked and left empty handed - with hindsight, one of my better decisions. Today I stood my ground & asked for questions to be repeated because a) I was starving b) I could see fresh ingredients (I thought) c) there was no-one waiting impatiently behind me. Having made a desicion to have chicken bacon & onion, decided on type of bread & whether or not I wanted 6" (behave please ladies) he then slurped on a slice of processed cheese & zapped it in the microwave - now what is that all about? All the meats, cheeses etc were re-formed or processed.


  1. 'Daisy didn't learn the bad language from you'...right OK, if you say so..
    Subway, my innocent little boaty mate, sell processed CRAP for the most part
    It sounds as if the Vet is really going to get to the root of Muttley's problem at last, hooray!

  2. OH, nice breast implants Jill, not sure about the colour though..

  3. What are the silicone mouldings (assuming they're not breast implants)? The label says something about eggs, but I'm still struggling to see quite what they're for.

  4. It didn't look like crap from the outside (Subway I mean - I'm so gullible) & I have to say that the jury is still out after 2 attempts with the silicone, all becomes clear, Adam, with the next lot of photos.