Monday, 2 March 2009

Tellytubby Land!

Just when I was expecting Tinky Winky and La La, look who turned up - the Norwegian bank robber!
I walked the dogs through the cutting that used to be Fenny Compton tunnel and found a fair bit of wood which was absolutely no good to me with MR so far below. I did suggest that I rolled it down the embankment into the cut, but G didn't think it was one of my better ideas.
It was such a glorious day that we just kept going, doing the Claydon 5 and the next 3 locks & arriving in Cropredy a day earlier than anticipated (8 locks & 11+ miles) - just as well really as we'd run out of milk, bread & eggs.
Look at these two starting out in life-ah, young
love (or is it sibling affection?).
Passing Cow Roast Marina made me just a weeny
bit sad as all those moored boats mean poor people in houses clearing out cupboards instead of boating in the sunshine and watching their dogs play.


  1. Someone has also been clearing out cupboards me thinks and found a jumper that Graham hasn't been seen for some time!

  2. Touche or something like that!!! I wouldn't normally wear something like that in public, hence you haven't seen it before.

  3. I am losing touch! Are you coming all the way down the Oxford?!? It would be good to catch up with you again while you are in these parts.


  4. Sadly Bones, we are only back on the Oxford so we can have our puppy soughted by a vets we trust in Middleton Cheney, we had been heading upto Liverpool but you know what they say about best laid plans, we shall be in and around Cropredy for about the next three weeks, should you and Maffi fancy a pint or two in one of Cropredy's finest give us a shout, we could even get Graham out from Alnick

  5. Definitely! It would be lovely to catch up with you again!