Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesday night is jam night.......

........ well, more sort of weak custard really.
Last night 4 legs & a bottle of wine appeared outside our window, personified by Del & Al from Derwent6. I'm not sure how it happened but somehow guitars & recorders came out and a good old singsong (or shoutshout) was had by all. We didn't quite get out the spoons and saucepans, but it was a close call.. Funnily enough, as each bottle of wine slipped down, we really improved-even managing to pause in the right places whilst Graham wrestled to find B7 (a tricky little chord)! Fortunately we had no immediate neighbours as I think we were a little loud (quite a lot loud actually). One of those lovely spontaneous evenings-great company guys.

Back to reality this morning with the large problem of our leaky shower to address. Graham set to ripping out the old tiles & boy had it been leaking. The entire boat stank of cat pee!! We had been whiffing that smell intermittently over the past few weeks and pointing the finger at Daisy-yes, I have apologised to her. So, as the boat was in bits, I took the dogs out with me whilst I split some wood. There idea of help is to grab the logs and run off down the towpath with them so that I have to fetch them back (shouldn't it be the other way round?). The dogs are even having to share a chair 'cause we're so upside down. Never mind, it'll be worth it when it's done. Let's just hope poor G doesn't hurt too much in the morning.


  1. Oh dear, looks like same problem we had with our shower! Can really recommend the panels from B&Q - much easier & quicker to do than retiling (wouldn't trust them again anyway) & looks great.

  2. Wow - it looks like a big job! Will you have to replace the panelling before you fit the 'Showerwall'? What with your tiling leaking (we are having tiles) and Caxton's loo (we are having the same one)I'm getting a bit nervous! Good luck with the work. Looking forward to meeting up with you again sometime in the summer, and having a good old natter.

  3. great night guys....will return the compliment when we see you next

  4. Julia, B & Q stopped doing them but we have found an equivelant; like you, we think we've made the right move for sure.
    Pip, we can dry out & sand down the panelling (it's done now), if you haven't already tiled I would go for boarding as evereyone we've spoken to has had leaks within 3 to 5 years.As for the loo, I think you'll be fine; talk to Lesley & Joe but I think they were just unfortunate.When we catch you the natter WILL be long. Not long 'til your launch now? Let's face it, boats always have something unexpected to throw at you!

  5. Del and Al do you really think our livers can handle any more evenings like that one; you're a bad influence & I'm going to tell my mum.